Sending and hosting VET students/ apprentices abroad in Europe

How is learner mobility across boarder recognised in Europe during vocational education?
Not at all, the whole duration needs to be repeated in any case
When the necessary agreements are in place between hosting and sending organisations and other relevant stakeholders a recognition is possible
Europe guarantees that such learner mobility is directly recognised in the home country

Who organises an ECVET mobility?
The learner him/herself
The sending organisations is responsible for everything in the sending country and the hosting organisation in the hosting country
It is a joint effort between all parties involved, the responsibilities are defined jointly at the beginning of the overall planning

What prerequisites need to be fulfilled for an ECVET mobility scheme across borders?
The sending and the hosting organisation need to agree on a set of learning outcomes to be aspired during the stay abroad
The vocational training programmes of the sending and hosting organisations need to be the same or at least mutually recognised
The sending and the hosting organisation need to structure their programmes into the same modules in order to implement trans-national learner mobility

Who may participate in an ECVET mobility?
Students enrolled into a school-based initial vocational training programme only
Any learner enrolled into any kind of initial or continuous vocational education and training programme
Learners taking part in any kind of formal vocational training below 25 only

What are the key tools in the realisation of an ECVET mobility?
School Leaving Certificate and Mobility Contract
Learning contract and Partnership agreement
Memorandum of Understanding and Learning Agreement

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