Recruiting qualified workers from other European countries

What tool does the EU put in place in order to make qualifications comparable across borders in Europe?
European Qualifications Framework
European Core Qualifications
European Sectoral Qualifications

What information provides the EQF level for a company looking for employees from abroad?
the management level a candidate can work on with his/her certificate
the level of competence associated with the candidates qualification
the level of entrepreneurship associated with the candidates qualification

What kind of qualification is usually associated with EQF-level 4?
Skilled worker certificates
Master degrees
Doctoral degrees

Where is the EQF-level of a qualification supposed to be displayed?
on the certificate
on the European directory of qualifications
on the workers qualifications card

Which of the following non-EU countries do so far not implement learning outcomes based qualifications or competence frameworks?
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
USA, Canada, Japan
Russia, Ukraine, China

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