Adjusting teaching and training to European standards

What means the acronym EQF?
European Quality Framework
European Quality Forwarders
European Qualifications Framework

How can qualifications/certificates be compared across borders?
Based on the time spend in training
Based on the learning outcomes
Based on the included work experience

What means learning outcomes?
A set of knowledge, skills and/or competences an individual has acquired and/or is able to demonstrate after completion of a learning process, either formal, non-formal or informal
The return on investment an individual and/or enterprise gains through the investment into a specific initial and/or continuous vocational education and training programme
The results of a structured learning process taking place in an accredited training institute and under instruction of an expert trainer or teacher

What means “competence” in the context of the EQF?
Knowledge of facts, principles, theories and practices related to a field of work
Ability to apply knowledge and use know-how to complete tasks and solve problems
Abilities defined in terms of responsibility and autonomy

How influences learning outcomes orientation vocational education and training practice?
Not at all, everything can go ahead as usual
Vocational training needs to be oriented on achieving predefined learning outcomes
Vocational training programmes need to be broken down into units and modules

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