Vocational Education and Training in Austria

Austria shows an extensive VET-system and is strongly engaged in European mobility efforts. The economic structure in the background shows some differentiations. The urban areas are dominated by the service sector, whereas in traditional industrial regions a high proportion of jobs are still to be found in the secondary sector. In some areas, especially in the west and south of Austria, the tourism dominates the regional structures and developments. Rural regions with a high share of agriculture are trying to get a new economic basis by fostering tourism. Recently, the weak global economy dampened the Austrian exports and therefore weakened the dynamic of Austrian economy.

The development of educational levels in recent years and decades shows a general increase in the level of education of the Austrian population. Significant increases are recorded for all kinds of secondary education, but the increase is particularly evident in higher education. In recent decades, women have caught up significantly in terms of their educational levels. While in 1971 around 70% of women between 25 and 64 years only showed basic education, that only applied for around 24% in 2010. However, there is still a significant gender difference.

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