Vocational Education and Training in Italy

The VET system in Italy is managed by regional authorities, an accreditation system has been developed for providers who want to receive regional funding. They must respect five criteria, most of them are related to inputs and process standards, but for one criterion (efficiency and effectiveness of previous activities) certain outcomes have been defined. The strengths of the Italian VET System are that the main stakeholders are involved in the process and that there has been the introduction of a national evaluation system and a accreditation system for VET providers. The weakness consists in a lack of national standards and the variation between the regions.

Also regarding the NQF in Italy there are some difficulties regarding the involvement of different governmental levels. The challenge is to compare and align the regional qualifications in order to develop a national qualifications framework. Italy is classified as being part of the countries being at an initial stage of EQF implementation. In fact despite a NQF, Italy will reference its formal qualifications to the EQF, but adopting national criteria and methodology.

Regarding the ECVET implementation Italy uses 3 out of 8 identified strategies and has in 2006 introduced a technical table in charge of the construction of a national system of minimum vocational and training standards but at the moment it has suspended the activity because of the need to focus on the challenges of the current economic crisis.

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