Vocational Education and Training in Spain

Diagram of the Spanish National Education and Training System: This diagram has been design by ReferNet-Spain Team to encompass all the learning opportunities leading directly to government-recognised qualifications. ISCED levels are referred to ISCED1997 Spain Mapping of National Education Programmes School Year 2008-09.

The National Qualifications and Vocational Training System established in 2002 offers two different approaches providing VET in Spain: one from the Education System and the other from National Employment System.

VET offered in the education system is primarily oriented towards IVET and has deep roots and tradition among the youth population after Secondary Compulsory Education. On the other hand, VET in the National Employment System is aimed at a more adult population either employed or unemployed, and is considered CVET. VET of the National Employment System is named, since 2007, as National Subsystem of Vocational Training for Employment.

The system has been adapted to be referred to EQF and the final NQF is already finalized pending to be approved by the National Parliament. ECEVT system usage as it is very early stages with some EU pilot projects.

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