European tools in practice

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The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the European Credit System for VET (ECVET) can only be successfully implemented and, therefore, reach their aims to facilitate mobility of workers and learners across borders and lifelong learning of European citizens, when they are implemented and used in the practical terms and by the practitioners they are meant for.
Using European tools to solve practical problems
This section provides a practical view into the implementation contexts of the EQF and ECVET and provides VET practitioners with a first impression about the practical impact and implementation of these tools within their daily praxis.

Sharing and learning in the euVETsupport users area

Further information and more comprehensive virtual training on the practical implementation of EQF and ECVET is provided in the euVETsupport learning area on topics such as:

  • Comprehensive introductions into European tools and concepts
  • Practical implementation of the learning outcomes approach within VET praxis
  • Successful implementation of ECVET learner mobility
  • European tools within the recruitment of workers from abroad
  • and many more

Please contact for further information on these virtual training offers.