Recruitment with EQF

The fostering of a mobile workforce across borders in Europe is one of the major aims of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). The EQF serves as a reference framework that allows learners and employers to understand how qualifications from different countries compare to each other. It helps to develop a Europe-wide workforce that is mobile and flexible, and will help learners and workers who are moving between countries, from job to job and from one education or training institution to another.


In this context the European Qualifications Framework is currently complemented with tools such as ESCO and EURES (a European job portal interrelating national job agency portals) in order to facilitate recruitment across borders in Europe.


Recruitment with EQF in a nutshell

The video below explains within 3 minutes how migrant workers and employers benefit from the EQF alike. It gives an inside view into what the EQF means for young people planning to go and work abroad and for enterprises in need of qualified workers. The video shows interviews with students within initial vocational qualification but also with a senior HR manager at McDonalds headquarters and how they benefit from the introduction of the EQF.

Video source: Ofqual (

Further information on recruiting with the EQF

In order to learn more about recruiting with EQF please check the euVETsupport users area.