CENTRAL is a European project defining competence and educational standards according to ECVET principles for 2 professional profiles: the warehouse operator and the freight forwarding agent, providing a better response to the needs of training bodies, employees and employers.

The ProfDRV project investigated the opportunities offered by the EQFs learning outcomes approach and the overall EQF approach in order to improve comparabilty and transparency of professional driver qualifications in Europe with a special focus on the implementation of EC Directive 2003/59/EC on the qualification of professional drivers in Europe. Among others it developed an EQF learning outcomes based profile for "professional drivers (road freight transport)" and EQF-compatible quality standards for the implementation of related qualification structures in the EU Member States. The project and its results contributed to the evaluation of the Directives implementation in 2013 with its results and recommendations.

The KNOW-IN project created the new professional figure for the road freight transport sector based on the EQF approach: the European Road Transport Manager (EU-RTM) who will have the management skills, tools and interventions needed to overcome the challenges the sectors faces, enabling them succeed and to be competitive. The EU-RTM concept differs from the one regulated by Regulation (EC) No. 1071/2009, which regulates access to the profession of transport operators. While the competences are similar the perspective is different. KNOW-IN is all about the actual daily practices of a RTM; the competences imposed by daily work, the skills one needs to carry out this position and the knowledge the field requires.

NETINVET is a European network of training centers and companies, where mutual trust has been established in order to provide young people with mobility opportunities during their training pathway based on ECVET. It pertains to training programs in the field of international trade, but it is inclined to extend to other training courses within the trade and services sector. The network’s coverage today extends to 9 countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, and Spain.

TRIFT elaborated a Competence Matrix (according to the VQTS-model) for the professional area 'foreign trade', which allows the mapping of competences into competence areas and competence development steps. This competence matrix has been tested within ECVET initial VET mobility pilots in the framework of internships between the partner's countries. The increase of competences has been proven by outcome-orientated methods of assessment and the students' success will be recognised by a certificate.

EUCOLOG - European Competence Standards in Logistics

The Eucolog project developmed among others EQF Learning Outcomes based standards for a number of logistics qualifications: foreman in the warehouse, warehouse superviser and dispatcher in forwarding/ shipping. Those can be downloaded here.