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If you need to amplify you marked and possibilities where to find qualified workforce and talents for you company. Or you see that to hire workers or having apprentices from other countries is something very complicated :  This platform is also for you.

  • I need qualified personnel and I find very difficult to see myself hiring people from other countries.

It is very risky to contract people (whether a young graduated or a worker) from other countries straight away.  Is there any mechanism that could help to have a previous working experience with potential candidates? Let´s say he/she could expend some weeks in the company with us? Do I have to pay something or is there some funding scheme ?  Do I have to go through beaurocratic papers and lengthy processes to do that?

  • I am facing difficulties in finding qualified workforce internally, is there some support to help me to find it in other countries?

Young qualified workforce is becoming difficult to find. It will be great to have more options not being limited only to my country region and to get young apprentices from any part of Europe, but how can I do that? This is not my business and I see this very complicated.

  • I would like to receive a young workers from other countries in my company for an apprenticeship period and I don´t have time to understand all these ¨public¨ mechanisms and funds. Actually I don´t anything about this word.

Where to contact, with whom? How can I find training centers that can send me good students. How can my company be in touch with training centers outside of my country? How can I solve the language barriers? How does all this works?  Do I have to pay something for this?

  • I am planning to extend my business to other EU country.

I know perfectly the qualifications and skills I need considering the labour marked of my country. How can I know the equivalent ones in this new country I am planning to extend my business? I heard that in Europe they are trying that we can compare workers and students qualifications but I don´t have a clue about this subject. Is there someone that can clarify this quickly for me?


Here you will find friendly and quick explanations about exploring and using mobility of workers and students as well as advice and support for your ideas to hire people outside of your country.

In addition you can contact experts and relevant contact points to support you in any doubt or information you might need.

Furthermore you also have here an easy access and quick responses e-learning platform with a variety of information and on line events that might be interesting for you.