Recruitment agencies

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If you are intermediating recruitment among EU countries is imperative nowadays get acquainted to EU directives, tools and polices in the labour market mobility. EU workers have waken up for working outside of their countries as an alternative to face economic downturns and companies want to amplify the geographic area where they can find qualified workforce seeing it has become scarce in the last years.

It is necessary to get familiar with the mechanisms EU is promoting in order to get companies to hire workers and to get apprentices from other EU.

At the same time to move around Europe is necessary to assess if the qualifications are mutually recognized among the EU countries. Something that neither companies or workers are well informed how to do it and they are more and more searching for this information.

Here you will find friendly and quick explanations about all EU framework as far as mobility of workers and students is concerned as well as tools and schemes in place in this area.

In addition you can contact experts and relevant contact points to support you in any doubt or information you might need.

Furthermore you also have here an easy access and quick responses e-learning platform with a variety of information and on line events that might be interesting for you.