The Status Quo of ECVET implementation in Austria

Austria is preparing for participation in ECVET by conducting studies and pursuing a targeted information policy. The Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture (BMUKK) represents Austria in various bodies which have been set up by the European Commission to develop and implement the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET). Austria’s current ECVET strategy foresees that ECVET will only be used in this country to support transnational mobility stays.

The BMUKK used an informal ECVET group of experts whose task it was to discuss ideas and visions on the implementation of ECVET in Austria and to exchange information (e.g. on experiences in ECVET pilot projects).

In 2007, the BMUKK commissioned a feasibility study on "Implementation of ECVET in Initial Vocational Education and Training in Austria".

In June 2009 the BMUKK, together with the Federal Chamber of Labour and the National Agency for Lifelong Learning (OeAD GmbH), organised a conference on the theme of "ECVET – A European Credit Point System for VET" where possible implementation scenarios for ECVET in Europe and Austria were discussed with a wider circle of stakeholders.

Austrian institutions are also involved – in some cases with additional support from the BMUKK – in European ECVET pilot projects (as coordinator and partner):

  • within the Leonardo da Vinci programme: e.g. VQTS and VQTS II
  • 1st gereration of ECVET projects: M.O.T.O., SME MASTER Plus
  • 2nd generation of ECVET projects: EASYMetal, EsyCQ, 2get1care

Austria is currently developing a concept for the application of ECVET in transnational mobility projects which fits the structure of the Austrian VET system. In order to promote this strategy the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture commissioned two research and consulting institutions (3s and IBW) with the elaboration of guidelines for using ECVET in transnational mobility and the development of templates. The guidelines were be published in spring 2012 at the website

The Austrian agency for the Lifelong learning programme has set ECVET as a national priority within the lifelong learning funding scheme.

In January 2012 new service structures for the ECVET implementation were introduced: A central contact point of the national agency is now coordinating all ECVET activities. Beyond that, seven ECVET experts were nominated to offer advice and training for persons of education institutes or companies who want to extend their basic knowledge of ECVET (cf.

(Last update: September 2013)