Transport & Logistics qualifications in Germany


There are a number of formal qualifications/ certificates within transport and logistics in Germany. Please find a selection of relevant VET qualifications/ certificates below (non-exhaustive list):

IVET certificates (EQF-level 3 and 4)
(please follow the links for short summaries about the qualification/profile in English, French and German)

CVET certificates (EQF-level 6)

  • (Industrial) Master Road Transport
    The industrial master road transport is usually in a management function within companies with a medium-size and large fleet. They are responsible for the overall fleet and its management and ensure the efficient and competent implementation of all transports. They develop schedules, control rest and work times of driver, take care of work safety and health issues. Furthermore they are in charge of the fleets’ financial handling and take on human ressource development and management tasks within their area of work.
  • (Industrial) Master Logistics
    Logistics masters take on responsibility for the smooth implementation of material and information flows and the timely implementation of orders. Being warehouse and logistics experts they are also responsible for work structures as well as for the optimization of warehouse administration and steering. Furthermore they ensure cooperation with other parts of the company, are in charge of financial transactions, administrate budgets and take on human resource development and management tasks within their area of work.