The Status Quo of ECVET Implementation in Germany

Implementing ECVET is supposed to support the shift to learning outcomes and the development of the German qualifications framework. Also, ECVET is hoped to provide a better understanding between stakeholders and foster transnational mobility and permeability between learning pathways.

Based on a 10-projects-initiative funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, a national approach for the assessment, accreditation and recognition of learning, the so-called DECVET (Development of a Credit System for Vocational Education and Training in Germany), was tested between 2007 and 2012 ( Its main aims were to develop and test procedures for the accreditation of competences and learning outcomes. These procedures are expected to improve mobility and permeability within the educational system as a whole and between different parts of the system. Final results are expected by the end of 2013. The initiative focused on four interfaces within the German education and training system:

  • between vocational training preparation and the dual VET system
  • joint cross-cutting VET qualifications within a single occupational field
  • between dual and school-based VET;
  • between dual initial VET and continuing VET.