The Status of ECVET implementation in Italy

Eight strategies for ECVET implementation have been identified (based on ReferNet reports and information provided by national stakeholders). Most countries, like Italy, are developing ECVET through a combination of strategies. Italy has been following 3 of this 8 strategies:

  • Strategy 1: setting up broad range testing initiatives
    The testing is carried out within national initiatives and there is a elaboration of specific qualifications. In most cases these initiatives follow policy decisions by the most important stakeholders (ministries or qualifications authorities). The initiatives get a specific budget line and are cofinanced by national and European budgets.
  • Strategy 3: updating VET legislation and regulations
    Legislation and regulations are updated integrating technical features of ECVET.
  • Strategy 7: learning by working in ECVET European projects
    This strategy consists of participating and/or leading European, national, regional or sector-related ECVET projects.

Italy has introduced ECVET in the list of their EU-related activities. In 2006 the Italian Technical table for construction of a national system of minimum vocational and training standards and competence certification worked with the stakeholders (competent ministries, regions, social partners) to coordinate and develop, within a common methodological framework, a national system. The aims are to define and recognize qualifications, to certify competences and training credits, the transparency of competences, and the establishment of training and occupational standards. The technical table has at the moment suspended the activity because of the need to focus on the challenges of the current crisis.