Status Quo of ECVET Implementation in the Netherlands

In 2011, the National Coordination Point ECVET (ECVET NCP) was set up at the National Agency LLP Leonardo da Vinci. In the second half of 2011, the NCP prepared an action plan, in consultation with the Ministry of Education. The focus is on the dissemination of information, awareness raising and the promoting for cooperation.

Depending on the national system ECVET priorities can be implemented for different purposes at both project and system level. Many European countries are currently engaged in the implementation of ECVET at project level to support transnational mobility and lifelong learning. Some Member States implement ECVET on system level to adapt their training or to develop a classification system based on the ECVET principles. The Netherlands will use ECVET for supporting transnational mobility and will ECVET projects list, analyse and give recommendations within the European Lifelong Learning subsidy program.

The National Coordination Point ECVET, established by the Ministry of Education, connects VET institutions and stakeholders who work with ECVET. The task of the NCP ECVET is to spread the knowledge about ECVET and its further development. The Dutch National Agency established, on behalf of the European Commission, a Dutch team of experts on ECVET to promote the introduction of ECVET with the following tasks:

  • provide trainings;
  • advise interested parties;
  • creation of a community of practice;
  • representation in European ECVET networks.

These experts, who have already gained experience with ECVET projects support MBO institutions in the implementation of ECVET. The team of experts investigated the possibility to divide a Dutch qualification in ECVET units to make a first analysis.