EQF & ECVET in the EU member states

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Vocational Education and Training systems vary strongly from country to country. This makes a comparison of qualifications but also cooperation in the field of VET across borders difficult. Europe provides a number of instruments in order to facilitate cooperation and comparison but nevertheless it is useful to have a general overview about the national vocational education and training systems in the different European countries.

euVETsupport provides country profiles on VET and the implementation of European tools in selected EU Member States
The country profiles below provide a short introduction into the national VET systems in selected European countries, on the status quo of the implementation of EQF and ECVET in these countries, on national transport and logistics qualifications and on relevant key players in the field of VET:

Austria - France - Germany - Ireland - Italy - The Netherlands - Spain

Additional information is available on the sectoral approach to make vocational education and training comparable across borders and on qualifications frameworks overseas in order to place the European approach of the EQF within the global initiatives to implement qualifications frameworks in different parts of the world.

Further information on (vocational) education and training in Europe is available on the websites of: